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The 'Troubles' 1969 - 1998
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The period from the start of civil unrest in Northern Ireland in 1969 until the Good Friday Agreement of 1998-2000 has become known as the Troubles. It was a very dark chapter in the history of our island and, although we must move on from it, it is also right that we should not forget the 3466 people who were killed. (3466 is the number of deaths arrived at by Malcolm Sutton, a researcher into the 'Troubles').

Deaths in each year of the 'Troubles'

Statistical breakdown of deaths in the 'Troubles'

Details of major killings 1969 - 1998

Maps of changing Paramilitary / Army activity in the 'Troubles'

List of all those killed 1969 - Sep 1994
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Some of the victims speak

See also: Special Omagh Massacre section

Those who are doing detailed reasearch into the Troubles may also wish to check out the fantastic Conflict Archive on the Internet (CAIN) site hosted by the University of Ulster which offers hundreds of pages of information on the Troubles.

This section looks statistically at the 'Troubles'. For a more personal look, we recommend the book Lost Lives. This 1999 book devotes a section to each person who died and examines their life and personal situation in moving detail.

Lost Lives

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