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Changing activity during the 'Troubles'
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These three sets of maps indicate the level of activity across the province by (a) Republican paramilitaries, (b) Loyalist paramilitaries and (c) the British Army & RUC. Each map shows the number of deaths attributed to the group during a given time period. The four time periods chosen are:
  • 1969 & 1970 - At the very start of the conflict, activity was mainly gun battles between Republicans and British Security Forces in Belfast and Derry. Loyalists had not begun a coordinated campaign at this time.
  • 1976 - During the height of the Republican campaign. Republican paramilitary activity had changed to bombings and shootings across Northern Ireland, concentrating in county Armagh, mid Ulster and Belfast. Loyalist paramilitaries had begun their counter-campaign by now and were engaged in shootings and bombings in the same areas.
  • 1984 - By 1984 the British Army had gained experience, forcing Republican paramilitaries underground. A stalemate had developed between the Army and Republicans. Republican violence was concentrated in border areas and mid Ulster. Loyalists had lost impetus and their campaign dwindled out.
  • 1993 - On the eve of the peace process, loyalists had re-organised and were engaged a much more co-ordinated campaign of violence, and increasingly targetted Republicans. Republican violence continued as before. Deaths attributed to the British security forces had dropped to a very low value.

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