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Major Killings in or Associated with Northern Ireland 1969 - 1998
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This table includes all single incidents in which 5 or more people were killed. NB: Many more deaths occurred than these. Both the IRA and the loyalists preferred single or double murders to the mass killings detailed here.


Who was responsible? Comments Deaths
26 Jun 1970 IRA Premature explosion of IRA bomb in Creggan, Derry. Two children are among those killed. 5
9 Feb 1971 IRA Five civilians killed on Brougher Mountain, county Tyrone when their landrover is mistaken for a British army vehicle. 5
4 Dec 1971 UVF Civilians killed in bomb attack on McGurk's bar, North Queen Street, Belfast. 15
30 Jan 1972 British Army Civilians shot during disturbances after an anti-Internment rally in the Bogside, Derry. "Bloody Sunday". Object of an ongoing inquiry. 14
22 Feb 1972 Official IRA Civilian workers killed in a bomb attack on Aldershot Army Base, England. 7
20 Mar 1972 IRA 4 Civilians, 2 Policemen and 1 British Army Solider killed in a bomb on Donegall Street, Belfast. 7
28 May 1972 IRA Premature bomb explosion in Short Strand, Belfast. 4 civilians and 4 IRA members killed. 8
9 July 1972 British Army 3 Civilians and 2 Republican paramilitaries shot by snipers in Ballymurphy, Belfast. 5
21 July 1972 IRA Civilians killed in 22 bombs in Belfast. Bodies so badly dismembered that death toll is uncertain. 2 children and 2 soldiers among the dead. "Bloody Friday". 10
31 July 1972 IRA Civilians killed by 3 simultaneous car bombs, Main Street, Claudy. 9
22 Aug 1972 IRA 6 Civilians and 3 IRA members killed in a premature bomb explosion, Customs Office, Newry. 9
20 Dec 1972 Loyalists Civilians shot in Top of the Hill Bar, Derry. 5
17 May 1973 IRA British Army soldiers killed in a booby-trap car bomb, Knock-na-Moe Castle Hotel, Omagh. 5
12 Jun 1973 IRA Civilians killed by a car bomb, Railway Street, Coleraine. 6
4 Feb 1974 IRA 9 British Army soldiers, a woman and 2 children killed by a bomb on an army coach, Yorkshire, England. 12
2 May 1974 UVF Civilians killed by a bomb in Crown and Rose Bar, Ormeau Road, Belfast. 6
17 May 1974 UVF Civilians killed by 3 simultaneous car bombs in Parnell Square, Talbot Street and South Leinster Street, Dublin. 26
17 May 1974 UVF Civilians killed by car bomb, Church Square, Monaghan. 7
5 Oct 1974 IRA 4 British Army soldiers and a civilian killed by a bomb in the Horse and Groom pub, Guildford, Surrey, England. 5
21 Nov 1974 IRA Civilians killed by bombs in the Mulberry Bush and Tavern pubs in Birmingham, England. One child among the dead. 21
5 Apr 1975 Republicans 4 Civilians and 1 UDA member killed by a bomb in Mountainview Tavern, Shankill, Belfast. 5
12 Apr 1975 UVF Civilians killed in gun/bomb attack on Strand Bar, Short Strand, Belfast. 6
31 July 1975 UVF UVF staged a fake UDR roadblock and stopped the Miami Showband's bus. They loaded a bomb on board, intending to detonate it later to make it look as if the band was transporting bombs. However it went off prematurely killing 2 of the UVF men. The others panicked and shot dead 3 of the band members. "Miami Showband Massacre". 5
13 Aug 1975 IRA Civilians killed in gun/bomb attack on Bayardo Bar, Shankill, Belfast. Retalliation for the Miami Showband murders. 5
1 Sep 1975 Republican
Action Force
Civilians killed in gun attack on Tullyvallen Orange Hall, Newtownhamilton, county Armagh. 5
5 Jan 1976 Republican
Action Force
Civilian workers killed when their minibus is ambushed near Bessbrook, county Armagh. 10
5 Jun 1976 UVF Civilians killed in gun attack on Chlorane Bar, Gresham Street, Belfast. 5
2 July 1976 UVF Civilians killed in gun attack on Ramble Inn, near Antrim. 6
17 Feb 1978 IRA Civilians burned alive in an incentiary bomb attack on La Mon Restaurant, near Belfast. 12
27 Aug 1979 IRA Lord Mountbatten (British Royal Family), Lady Brabourne and 2 children killed when a bomb explodes on their boat at Mullaghmore, county Sligo. (Included due to significance of the attack.) 4
27 Aug 1979 IRA British Army soldiers killed by 2 bombs near Warrenpoint, county Down. Second bomb killed the survivors of the first bomb. 18
19 May 1981 IRA British Army soldiers killed by land mine, Bessbrook, county Armagh. 5
20 July 1982 IRA British Army cavalry and bandsmen killed by 2 bombs in Hyde Park, London. Several horses also killed. 11
6 Dec 1982 INLA 6 Civilians and 11 British Army soldiers killed in a bomb in Droppin Well Bar, Ballykelly. 2 children among the dead. 17
17 Dec 1983 IRA 3 Civilians and 3 policemen killed in a bomb at Harrod's Department Store, London. 6
12 Oct 1984 IRA Civilians, including an MP, killed by a bomb at the Grand Hotel, Brighton during the Conservative Party Conference. IRA releases a statement expressing regret that only 5 died and that the Prime Minister survived. 5
28 Feb 1985 IRA Policemen killed in a mortar-bomb attack on Newry RUC station. 9
8 May 1987 British Army 8 IRA members shot by undercover British soldiers whilst trying to bomb Loughgall RUC station. A passing civilian was also shot. 9
8 Nov 1987 IRA Civilians buried in rubble from a building, collapsed by a bomb, at the war memorial, Enniskillen, during a WW1/WW2 Remembrance Day ceremony. "Poppy Day Massacre" 11
15 Jun 1988 IRA British Army soldiers killed by a bomb on a minibus, Lisburn. 6
20 Aug 1988 IRA British Army soldiers killed by a bomb on a bus, near Ballygawley. 8
22 Sep 1989 IRA British Army Soldiers killed by a bomb at an Army base, Deal, Kent, England. 11
24 Oct 1990 IRA 5 British Army soldiers and a Civilian killed by a bomb attack on an army checkpoint near Derry. 6
17 Jan 1992 IRA Civilians killed by a bomb on a minibus, near Cookstown. 8
5 Feb 1992 UFF Civilians shot in Sean Graham's Bookmakers, Ormeau Road, Belfast. 5
23 Oct 1993 IRA 9 Civilians and the bomber killed in a no-warning bomb in a fish shop, Shankill Road, Belfast. 10
30 Oct 1993 UFF Civilians shot in Rising Sun Bar, Greysteel, county Londonderry. Retalliation for the Shankill Road murders. 8
2 Jun 1994 (accident) The 25 top anti-terrorist experts in Northern Ireland are killed in a helicopter crash, along with 4 crew. Cause is still in dispute (pilot error or mechanical failure?). 29
18 Jun 1994 UVF Civilians shot in The Heights Bar, Loughinisland, county Down. 6
15 Aug 1998 'real' IRA Civilians killed by car bomb in the centre of a crowd in Market Street, Omagh. 2 babies and 9 children among the dead. 2 of the dead were Spanish tourists. "Omagh Massacre" Details. 29*
* total would be 31 if you include the two unborn babies also killed.