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Note: this site is in stasis, so no further links are being added.

History & Maps
Ancient Ireland Covers the history of the Celts in Ireland for the period before the history given on this site.
Irish History in Maps An excellent collection of high-quality maps of Ireland at various points in history.
The Civil Rights Campaign A well-balanced Masters discussing the Civil Rights Campaign of the late 1960s.
CAIN Conflict Archive on the Internet. All kinds of information related to Northern Ireland's 'Troubles'
Dungarvan Museum Online Dozens of pages on the history of Waterford and Irish History in general.
Northern Ireland Elections A site specialising in information on Northern Ireland elections.
Chronology of Ireland A useful and well-documented timeline of Irish history from the Ice Age to the present day.

Irish Fiction, Folklore and Legend
Irish Ghost Stories, Mythology & Folklore Exactly what the site title suggests.
Nancy's Celtic Mysteries Mystery stories set in Celtic backgrounds.

Note: Although we provide links, we cannot answer any questions on this topic.
Ulster Historical Foundation For people researching ancestors who came from Ulster.
Bustard Surname All about the Bustard family name.
Carey Surname All about the Carey family name.
Dingle, Kerry: Genealogy Genealogy information on the Dingle area of county Kerry. Also the Griffiths family name.
Dunn Surname All about the Dunn family name.
Gallagher Surname All about the Gallagher family name.
Joyce Surname All about the Joyce family name.
McDevitt Surname All about the McDevitt family name (with O'Doherty).
McGuirk Surname All about the McGuirk family name.
Monaghan Surname All about the Monaghan family name.
O'Connor Surname All about the O'Connor family name.
O'Daniel Surname All about the O'Daniel family name.
O'Doherty Surname All about the O'Doherty family name (with McDevitt).
O'Neill Surname All about the O'Neill family name.

Tourism and Culture

Irelandyes.com is a comprehensive travel site that will help people plan the perfect trip to Ireland, as well as a Q&A forum where anybody can get free answers to their Ireland travel questions. NEW!

NEW! Our Wee Country

If you are interested in tailor-made gifts from Northern Ireland, give this site a visit! They offer albums of "beautifully taken" photographs from across Northern Ireland.

Irish Auto Sound Challenge Association

A cross-community society that promotes car audio competition across Ireland, north and south.

Further Pages of Links

A Northern Ireland site linking to almost everything of interest in Northern Ireland

Nancy's Irish Links

A large collection of links to Ireland-related Internet sources.


An Ireland-based organisation that reviews Ireland-related sites as well as providing other information. Doras have been kind enough to award this site 4 Doras.

Irish Eyes

As well as a good collection of links, this site features scenic photographs.

Island Ireland

An extremely well-laid out and complete list of links to web sites of Irish interest. Each link has a commnet about it. Well worth a visit.