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The Irish Media
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Belfast Telegraph The top selling daily newspaper in Northern Ireland
Irish Independent Newspaper in the Republic of Ireland
Irish News The second top newspaper in Northern Ireland
Irish Times We no longer link to the Irish Times due to their decision to charge €79 for access to the news.
Newsletter Daily newspaper in Northern Ireland
Republican News Weekly newspaper with a strong Republican slant
Sunday Business Post Newspaper in the Republic of Ireland
Ulster Examiner Newspaper with a strong Unionist slant


BBC News UK national [and worldwide] TV and radio service.
ITN News The BBC's main rival in UK news coverage.
Radio Telefis Eireann Republic of Ireland national TV and radio service.
Teletext News UK news site with dedicated Northern Ireland section.


Radio: Listen to Northern Ireland news
Cool FM News Based in Belfast. Visit this site to listen to Northern Ireland news with RealAudio.OR: Just ring 0891 345898 from the UK (probably +44 891 345898 from outside the UK). Calls are charged at 50p/minute if dialed from within the UK; more if called internationally. News is updated each hour during the day.

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