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This section contains links to web pages and books associated with Omagh. If you have a web site and it is associated with Omagh, send us an e-mail to have it added here (this e-mail address is now working - sorry to those who tried to send to it and didn't get through!).

What's on in Omagh
To find out what's on in Omagh, check out omagh.co.uk. This site contains a lot of information about the town and events within it, and is kept well up to date.

Omagh District Council
The official web site of Omagh district council. The council is one of the 26 administrative divisions of Northern Ireland and is elected by the people of Omagh and its immediate hinterlands. This site contains extensive information on the Omagh area.

Ulster American Folk Park
Thousands of people emigrated to America from Irelan in the 1700s and 1800s. The folk park is dedicated to their lives before, during and after emigration. Full size operating buildings reconstruct life as it was. Includes an interpretive contre and conference suite.

Omagh Accommodation and Businesses
A site operated by Advernet on the Omagh area and its hinterlands. Includes detailed information on accommodation, tourism and local businesses.

Omagh Town Football Club
The offical web site of the town's football (soccer) club. Features club news and fixture information.

The Omagh CD
Click for a bigger image [27kB]The Omagh CD, Across the Bridge of Hope, was released in order to raise money for the Omagh memorial fund. To date this fund has given out over 4m to victims and their families. The CD features famous artists such as Sinead O'Connor, The Corrs and Liam Neeson. The name of the CD is taken from a poem written by Sean McLaughlin, one of the children killed. For more details, check out omaghcd.com.

Petals of Hope

Petals of Hope [10kB]After the bomb, thousands of bunches of flowers had been left by wellwishers. The decision was taken to turn the petals from these flowers into paper, which was used to create works of art. The Petals of Hope exhibition toured in 1999 and a book is now available priced just 10. For more details, see www.omagh.gov.uk/petalsofhope.htm.

An Omagh Remembrance - A poem by John Friel

One Saturday in Omagh in busy Market Street
Where locals and shoppers would regularly meet
They talked and laughed about things in the past
Then suddenly they were silenced by a deafening blast.

Concrete and glass spilled onto the street
And innocent people fell to their feet
Water pipes burst and so started a flood
Those who talked and laughed were covered in blood

Emergency services were there straight away
To help injured people on that tragic day
All those who helped were courageous and brave
There were twenty nine people whom they could not save.

Families cried as their dead had been named
Others were traumatized, injured and maimed
The people who live there were terrified and shocked
As the centre of Omagh was violently rocked.

How much is enough and where will it end
The killing of innocent families and friends?
Look at the damage, what have they done?
A mother weeps for her dying son.

This is the violence which everyone loathes
The dead only wanted to buy food or clothes;
Some went with friends, others went alone
These twenty nine people are not coming home.

Put aside your differences, hatred and fears
For the people of Omagh as they cry endless tears.
Our sympathies are with you and with you we pray
For peace in our province and violence to go away.

RealAudio Clips
- All link to RealAudio resources at the BBC News site.

  • Report on the bomb from the day it happened. Click here.
  • Northern Ireland Secretary Mo Mowlam condemns the bombers. Click here.
  • BBC reports on the Real IRA's 'apology'. Click here.
  • Prince Charles visits Omagh. Click here.
  • Report on the 2000 TV programme "Who bombed Omagh?". Click here.

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