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4 Doras

This was awarded to the site at the end of 2000. We were awarded 3 Doras in 1998 and it is a great compliment that they have chosen to upgrade us to 4 Doras in time for Christmas!

We wish to thank Doras for their kind review:

The Ireland Story provides a comprehensive history of Ireland from prehistoric to today as well as an incredibly in-depth account of the Great Famine. Links to information on Ireland today in the form of current affairs and a glossary of organisations are also included.

For anyone that is interested in Irish history and current affairs this website is a must. Its great layout makes it incredibly versatile. Although it is packed with information this site is never overwhelming.

British History Award

This was awarded to the site on 24 July 1999 for the quality of the History section.

My thanks go to 'Toryboy' for giving me this award and also for his kind review:

This site is outstanding with a wide variety of information and facts ranging from history to maps. A valuable asset to anyone interested in Ireland!

Nancy's Celtic Award

This was awarded to the site on 5 October 1998 for quality.

My thanks go to Nancy Monaghan for giving me this award.

3 Doras Award

This was awarded to the site on 8 September 1998 for content, design and ease of use.

Thanks very much to Doras for giving the award and also for their kind review:

Impeccably up to date, informative and detailed, this site is an excellent guide to the political situation in Ireland, particularly in the North. Incorporating Irish history and current affairs with indepth coverage of the ongoing 'Troubles', there are also extensive maps and glossaries as well as personal perspectives. This site has been designed with the browser in mind. Despite the depth of information included, the site is well signposted and easy to get around. Pictures and graphics have been used thoughtfully and creatively. Check it out.

Balykissangel Quality Site Award, July 1998

This was awarded to the site on 2 September 1998 for quality.

Thanks to 'Foxleap', who gave me this prestigious award. Click on the image on the left to submit a site for this award. The previous webmaster is immortalised in the award, but we don't mind!

Ballykissangel Recommended Site

This was awarded to the site on 12 August 1998 for quality and content. Visit the Ballykissangel district!

My sincere thanks go to the Ministers at Ballykissangel, who are the hosts of this site. This award is given to members of Ballykissangel at the discretion of the Ministers.

Apologies to the BallyK Ministers who gave me this award, that I took it off my front page so soon. Naturally, the events in Omagh took priority.


Results of User Survey

Users of this site have been surveyed from 1st August 1998. (This survey is ongoing. If you want to take part, click here.) The data below displays the results of the survey from 1st August 1998 to 31 August 1999, a period of 13 months during which time 98 feedback forms were submitted. The purpose of the survey is to work out what parts of the site are most popular and what can be improved.

How would you rate the
political bias of this site?
Republican Bias 2%
Nationalist Bias 5%
No Significant Bias 85%
Unionist Bias 7%
Loyalist Bias 2%
Where do you live? USA or Canada 69%
Other part of Europe 8%
Other part of the UK 6%
Northern Ireland 6%
Australia / New Zealand 5%
Republic of Ireland 3%
Rest of World 2%
Scotland 1%