Victoria Road extension, Carrickfergus


Construction scheme (proposed)
To extend Victoria Road north as far as the B90 Upper Road
Total Length
0.9 km / 0.5 miles

Proposed in Belfast Metropolitan Area Plan - Nov 2004

No work carried out as of June 2010.

Unknown - will be funded by private developers.
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General area map of Carrickfergus

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Carrickfergus is a large town, predominantly acting as a dormitory town for Belfast. Due to the gently sloping terrain, the town's suburbs have developed as a grid with three east-west arteries and several north-south arteries. One of the north-south artieries is Victoria Road. However, Victoria Road only extends half of the way (from the A2 at the shore to Prince Andrew Way). This scheme would see Victoria Road extended northwards to meet the B90 (known locally as the Upper Road) as shown in red on this map (blue shows existing parts of the road):

The proposal is contained in the draft Belfast Metropolitan Area Plan of 2004 (proposal CS 13/02) and is identified as a developer-led scheme. This means that Roads Service will not fund the scheme - it must instead be provided by housing developers as a condition of planning permission. About three quarters of the farmland beside the proposed route is zoned for housing.


At the time of writing (June 2010) no work has been carried out on this scheme. However, you can see two incomplete 'stubs' at each end of the proposed road which have been provided by developers in anticipation of its construction: