New Bann Crossing, Portadown


Construction scheme (proposed)
To construct a new road bridge across the River Bann in Portadown south of the town centre.
Total Length
0.9 km / 0.5 miles

2004 - Road protection corridor included in Craigavon Area Plan 2010

No plans to proceed as of 2014

See below.
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This scheme exists purely as a "land protection corridor" in the Craigavon Area Plan 2010, which was adopted in 2004. It preserves a corridor for the provision of a new road bridge across the River Bann close to Portadown town centre. The Area Plan has two separate land protection corridors, which presumably refers to two options, rather than two distinct roads. However one of these passes directly through the Meadows Shopping Centre, so is hardly a serious proposition. The route of the other one begins on the west bank at Meadow Lane, just south of the Meadows Centre, and extends to the A50 Gilford Road at its junction with the Killycomain Road. The routes is shown on this map in red:

The route shown passes through some developed property at the Gilford Road end, so it's not clear how the existence of this road protection corridor impacts on property developments in this area. Note that this scheme does not date back to the late 1960s plans for the New City as it does not appear on the key blueprint maps from that period.

The rationale of the scheme is likely to provide a route across the river without having to drive along the main street. While this is very unlikely to be built in the foreseeable future (at the time of writing in 2014) you can see how future generations might find such a route useful - eg, it might prove necessary if it was ever decided to pedestrianise the town centre. Therefore keeping it as a land protection corridor makes sense to keep the option open for future generations. As the plan puts it, this scheme is "...not yet programmed for implementation, however, the Department considers that [its route] should be protected in the interests of longer term strategic planning". A "land protection corridor" makes sure that the planning authorities do not give planning permission for anything that would prevent the road being built at a future date.