A1 Grade separated junction at Cascum Road, Banbridge


Construction scheme (completed)
New grade separated junction on the A1 at Cascum Road, Banbridge
Total Length

Planning permission granted for retail park Oct 2002 and Dec 2003

Project began 4 March 2006

Completion of flyover Autumn 2006

Junction opened without fanfare in late February 2007

? - privately funded
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General area map

The Outlet - phase one of the Bridgewater Park scheme

This scheme will add a new grade-separated junction to the A1 dual-carriageway at Cascum Road, Banbridge in order to serve the major new Bridgewater Park retail and business park at this location. The scheme is thus entirely developer-funded and will ensure that those turning right into and out of the park, when opened, can do so safely.

Click here for the press release in 2003 that gave permission for this scheme. The project will see the junction constructed as a dumbbell interchange with a roundabout at each end of an overbridge and sliproads to access the A1. The northbound onslip does a 180° turn to avoid the properties close to the road on the north side. The map below shows the arrangement.

According to this news article on 2 August, the bridge consists of:

  • 6.5 metre deep foundations for each abutment
  • 171 tonnes of steel and 1256 cubic metres of concrete for the abutments
  • Beams on the north-western side of the bridge 20.7 metres in length and 24 tonnes in weight
  • Beams on the south-eastern side of the bridge 16.1 metres in length and 18 tonnes in weight


October 2006: I had originally given the completion date as late August because the Roadworks web site gave this as the date that the traffic restrictions would end. However, according to The Outlet's own news page (see link above) the roundabouts and public roads won't be completed until the winter with the whole park due to open in April 2007. As of mid October 2006 the flyover appears to be largely complete, but you will probably not be allowed to drive on it until early 2007.

9 January 2007: I asked the owners of the retail park for an update on progress on the junction, and they said the following: "The junction serving The Outlet is at present 80% open to the public. The on slip (to Newry) should be open in two to three weeks time and the off slip by the end of January-this will then complete the junction." This implies that the Banbridge side of the junction is open, with the other side due to open roughly at the start of February.

14 February 2007: The southbound side of the junction was still not open as of last weekend.

7 March 2007: The bridge is now open to any traffic which ignores the signs and crosses it, although no official opening has taken place. There is still a speed limit and a lot of cones, but the road itself appears completed.

12 March 2007: Only a week or two after opening, the bridge was today the scene of attacks on traffic on the A1. Three vehicles were damaged by masonry thrown from the new flyover. Click here for the news story on BBC.


Map of the new junction and the Bridgewater Park retail park. [Image from The Outlet site]


The completed flyover seen in mid October 2006, prior to its opening. This view is looking north east from the Newry side.[Photo by Aubrey Dale]

The north-western roundabout (on the Banbridge side of the A1) taking shape in mid October 2006. The A1 runs left to right beyond the roundabout with Newry towards the right. [Photo by Aubrey Dale]

The girders in place on 31 July 2006, looking south west. [Image from The Outlet site. Visit for more updates and images.]

The retaining walls for the flyover taking shape in mid June 2006. The A1 runs left-to-right (where the car can be seen on the right). [Photo by Aubrey Dale]